Friday, 29 March 2013

Coming soon...

I have been a little quiet over the past few weeks, but the cogs have been turning; I've been mulling over the idea of featuring a regular slot on my blog to showcase fellow crafter's work, but I feel Folksy Friday is already well covered by the stirling efforts of quite a few crafters on Folksy - so what could I do? I've come up with an idea, which I'm going to call  Pin Board. Each week I will feature one folksy seller, with a picture and link to their shop and fire three questions at them. So I really hope you can join me for that!

I also want to begin showing you how I make my cats - sometimes fiddly, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding. To kick this off, here is sneak preview; one of my cats in the making.

 This is one of my Trivial Travels cats and you can see that I begin by creating the face and then go on to applique the scene.

It's strange how, as soon as you add two eyes to something, it immediately takes on a personality and this is a stage I especially enjoy; even though the facial formula is pretty much the same for each cat, no two have ever looked the same - even something as slight as the angle of the vintage buttons I use for the eyes can make a difference. It's an unknown quantity and it never fails to fascinate and entertain me!

Next time I'll take you back to the start and show you how I begin the process; plus a few of the new ideas I'm experimenting with.

Work has also begun in my allotment, although the weather has set back the plans I had to start getting my seedlings in.

I'm so pleased I decided not to use a rotavator, but to dig out the weeds by hand; these were mostly dock, with long tap roots and I knew if I chopped those up I would be asking for trouble this year.

When I went to check the plot last week, there were very few weeds coming through, may be a dozen!

Now I'm just waiting for the weather to improve, so I can really begin planting out.

Someone else has been patiently waiting for the Spring to finally get its act together and send us a bit of warmth!

Like all cats, comfort comes high on Boo's list of priorities.
He has poked his nose outside only to relieve himself and is soon protesting at the back door to be let in and resume his nap on the comfiest chair near the stove!

I found this picture of him, taken last year in the garden - I'm sure this is what he is dreaming of.

Just to finish for today - sales on Folksy have been good for me so far this year and today I made my 100th sale. Here is the little guy that did it for me - another of my Love 'n Kisses.

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Hello my fellow Folksy crafter. I read that you homeschool. How are you finding it? I home-educated my two eldest boys, the younger one is now in school ready to do G.C.S.E's. I often think about home schooling my two youngest daughters, but then I don't think I'd have time for my online shops. Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi.

  2. Hi Tanya! Fancy you home-schooling too. It sounds as though you've enjoyed it, as we have. It is a huge commitment isn't it, but I certainly don't regret a minute of it. Do your eldest know what they want to do? I know what you mean about finding time to do everything. Running an online business is demanding. I find I spend more time promoting than making sometimes; but, again, I love every minute of it. I'm looking forward to featuring your shop when I do my blog this weekend. Last time I got over 50 views, so I hope it brings you some much-deserved publicity. Lovely to hear from you.X

  3. I really did love home-schooling, but just now, I'm enjoying the glorified babysitting service that mainstream school is providing for me while I get my business up and running. I may return to home-schooling in the future, but don't feel the need just yet.

    My eldest son is doing a degree in Arts and Animation, (he wants to be a games designer). My other son wants to be either a Barrister or Architect. (I suspect he'll become an Architect as he's very creative, although he is really good at arguing so maybe a Barrister).

    Thanks for featuring one of my products. I feel very honoured. x

  4. What fantastic goals and, obviously, home schooling hasn't done them any harm. Milly is interested in game design too. She's learning de-coding at the moment (goes over my head). Her big interest is Japanese. I think that's what we've appreciated most about home-ed, being able to choose what we study. Thanks so much for being first up on Pinboard; do love your little shoes!