Tuesday, 3 July 2012

On Guard!

Someone has to keep an eye on all these mice, and who better than our dear cat Boo...

....who would never fall asleep on the job.

Caught Red handed!

Pete; caught in the act of straining his home made wine through (yes) his underpants!
We later labelled it 'Y-Front Wine' - and drank it!

Friday, 29 June 2012

My Cats

Beach Hut Buddy

When I began making my cats, I had very little idea of what I wanted to create! But I knew I wanted to make something that had real identity. I based my design for the Millicent Cat on vintage milk bottles and also wanted a very patchwork effect, because I love the whole idea of make-do-and-mend associated with rural life in the countryside. I recently came up with Half Pint Puss to bring down the cost of postage, for those who really wanted to own a Millicent Cat but were put off by the cost of postage due to the weight.

                                                                   Ship's Cat
Half Pint Puss