Saturday, 23 February 2013

Trivial Travels

I'm always thinking of new ideas to broaden my range of collectable cats and I draw much of my inspiration from the real cats around me; mostly our own dear cat Boo and his 'back yard' friends who often visit.
It was while watching Boo's interaction with his buddies and his meanderings within the boundaries of our garden, I came up with the idea for my Trivial Travels Cats.

Garden Gate Cat
Where do our cats go when they disappear for a few hours each day; returning tired and hungry, ready for food and a long nap by the fire?
Although some cats have quite a large territory, most prefer to stay close to home and this was the theme I focused on - all the favourite little haunts our lovable moggies beat a path to every day, probably just around the corner, more likely no further than your window sill!

I enjoy applique immensely and find this a particularly rewarding project to work on.
There is such a fabulous range of fabrics available, it's easy and great fun to sit and create little scenes.
I wanted to almost give the impression that this is what the cat sees; like the scene is reflected upon it.

The Shed Cat
I find new ideas pop into my head all the time
and once I think of something I can't wait to get all the fabrics out and start planning how I'm going to create my idea.

My daughter, Milly, came up with the idea of making a 'Today You Visited' label, which I think finishes the whole thing off and makes a great gift.

I have had to charge a little more for these cats, as there is quite a bit of work involved. So I'll have to see how well they sell, but I enjoy designing them so much I think I will just go on making them!

Seashore Cat

I'd love to hear from any visitors to my blog of places their own cats like to visit.
This Seashore Cat is one of my favourites. I like to think sometimes our local cats wander up to the sea and take a break from hunting in the sand hills to watch the moon on the water, or shut their eyes against the wind off the sea.
Do cats appreciate beautiful scenery I wonder? I think they might.

Window Sill Cat

So these are the Trivial Travels Cats I've made so far - do you have a favourite?

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