Friday, 22 February 2013

Seagull Hall

I love looking at other people's homes; how they've designed the kitchen, overcome storage problems, shaped the garden - great stuff. So I thought followers of my blog might like to see where I design and create. So this is Seagull Hall. It's a small white cottage not far from the sea, about 100 years old (just over). We've lived here for almost 10 years and are still renovating! Can you believe that.

Our Home - Seagull Hall

 This is the living room and we have another little room at the back where I like to work near the stove.
I have to say I'm always changing the room around, so it probably looks a bit different from when this photo was taken.

The living room

This is our stove in the back room. We bought it in an antique shop in Horncastle about nine years ago. I love this stove; it chugs away all winter, keeping us warm day and night. I'd love to know more about it, if anyone knows. I think it could be Victorian, as it's quite ornate.

So there you are, that's our home.


  1. What a pretty looking cottage, love your living room and absolutely adore the old stove, how fabulous that it still works so well. Welcome to the blogging world - can't wait to pop back and read some more.

    Elaine (from Folksy)

  2. Ooooh, and a home educator too - same here (although probably only got another couple of years to go!).

  3. Thanks Elaine! Yes,we've not long to go ourselves - although Milly wants to go on studying. I think it's great that home schooling has inspired her to want to stay in education.